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The Staff Policies section of the Field Manual is where you'll find many of the policies, standards, and procedures that are important in your employment with Reliant. 

There are a few ways to find what you need in this section:

  1. If you have an idea of what you're looking for, try using the sidebar on the left. This sidebar has a list of all the pages in the Staff Policies section, with just a few of the pages grouped by subject.

  2. If you're not sure what you're looking for and want to see a more structured order of the pages in the Staff Policies section, you can see that below.

  3. And as in any section of the Field Manual, you can use the search bar in the upper right. Just note that the search bar will show you pages not only in the Staff Policies section but in the whole Field Manual as well. 

Structured order of pages

Basis of Employment with Reliant

Standards of Conduct

Wages and Salary - U.S. Employees 



Miscellaneous Pages

Forms for Employee Policies


  1. Unknown User (ed.courtney@reliant.org), we can take out the "This is the future home..." piece



  2. Tom MaurielloUnknown User (ed.courtney@reliant.org) and Sarah Swann.

    So, we have had this section in the past in front of the old Employee manual. It is a little bit of an explanation of how the "handbook" works.

    Should something like this be close to the top of the whole field manual. It doesn't really make sense here.

    1. we're written similar instructions on Reading Checklist page.  I think that page will probably be the new home of what is written on this page? 

  3. That's probably the right place for it, thought there should be something like this for the whole manual (though hopefully less legally sounding.

  4. This page would be the place to put something related specifically related to Missionary Policies, if we need it.  But the overall can move to the Field Manual home.

  5. Unknown User (ed.courtney@reliant.org)

    Mike Swann Sarah Swann Here's a draft of what this page could look like.

    I put in a Miscellaneous page section so we could see what that would look like, but I lean toward deleting that and only including pages that are grouped together. The pro with a Miscellaneous pages section is that every page in Missionary Policies would be listed on the sidebar and in this area. The main con though is that every time a page gets added to Missionary Policies, I would have to manually update this list. I could do that for the few sections above, but for every miscellaneous page, I think that would be too much.


    1. that was my concern that I had thought of originally with the idea.. was happens when pages are added.... ut we will always get updates when pages are added so it could just be part of our list of what we do when we see a new page come through... i think it would be weird to not list all the pages... how would they know this page was not inclusive of all the policies?

  6. I love this page! It looks so great. I like the Miscellaneous and would love to see us keep it!


  7. Mike Swann and Sarah Swann does this Missionary Policies Solomon page ultimately contain the exact same content as the Required Reading ....Reading Checklist Solomon page?

  8. Add definitions, Missionary is assessed

    An Associate Volunteers is...

  9. Will Lafferty Hey, can the Field Manual drop-down menu be updated to replace the current verbiage "Missionary Policies" with "Staff Policies" so it matches the title of this section?

      1. Will Lafferty Mine still shows Missionary Policies in the drop-down. Does yours show Staff?

        1. Mine shows "Staff". It is likely just cached in your browser.