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Welcome to the Ministry Team Development Page. Here you will find an alphabetical list of many of the tools you need for successful Ministry team Development. If you can't find it here, we have our entire Reliant New Staff Training content available to you as well. We hope this area will help empower you for the support-raising process.

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  1. Mike Swann do you want to write an intro for this?

  2. Unknown User (ed.courtney@reliant.org)user-1a794, can we add something in this section that gives a quick overview of an annual MTD plan for someone in Sustaining MTD? For example:

    Weekly: Contact one supporter and let them know you're praying for them that day

    Monthly: prayer letters & follow-up calls for long-term prospects

    End of Year: Special Ask (if one has not been done in the last 6 months)

  3. Unknown User (ed.courtney@reliant.org), (& Matt Elkins, Unknown User (joshua.dull@reliant.org) and Matthew McClure) we need to add a Space Short Cut for the Fixed Term training at the top of this page.