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Your Reliant.org web profile is the center of how donors find you and give. It borrows that "Facebook" look that communicates to financial partners at a glance what you and your ministry are all about. Most importantly, this is where people come to give!


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Your profile is at Reliant.org/first.last 

Login to begin. Use your Reliant username credentials, which have also worked for Staffnet in the past.

Don't try to login from this actual help page. You are reading this help page on Solomon, Reliant's new help and document search engine. (Logging in on Solomon is for Reliant office staff to edit these pages. Missionary login credentials don't work here.)

Visit reliant.org to begin and login to your profile.



Visit your profile

If you aren't yet at your profile, go directly at Reliant.org/first.last 

Can't find your profile page? Use the missionary search and look for your name. Take a look at your web address to confirm.  Need to correct or change your alias? Ask here.

Reliant.org will detect that it's "you." Your profile will display buttons only for you to update your profile.


Your Profile Photo


  • Your smiling face!
  • Close up faces look best. Professionally done "headshots" or family photos are perfect.
  • Include just you, you and your spouse, or the whole family: your choice for what's best for your MTD.  Avoid a group shot where you are just one of many.
  • This should actually be you. Don't use a stand-in "avatar," like a cartoon, or object, or something abstract. 
  • This same round photo also appears in a rectangle size in the missionary search card. The photo uploader will only let you re-size to a level that works for both. Some size photos won't work well in the circle (like very wide or very high).  Try a different one or re-crop it on your computer before you upload.
  • Dress appropriately for the ministry you do. (college ministry = casual is okay; business ministry = suit). Be relatively conservative on skin revealing clothes and avoid images or brand logos on clothes.
  • Large, high-resolution photos are good ideas. (Wider than 600pixels. Ideal is 1000+ pixels).  The site will resize them automatically for the computer or screen that is viewing you.

We recommend using the same photo as your printed Missionary Profile Card to give a matching feel to donors.


Your Cover Photo


  • A large, wide photo that gives a sense of your context, city, location, or mission.
  • An outdoor shot of your city skyline or campus buildings works great here.  You might have other creative ideas.
  • Wide, horizontal landscape photos work best. Use large, high-resolution photos. Minimum width is 2000pixels wide. (newer iPhone photos are 4000 pixels wide). 
  • We recommend using the same photo as your printed Missionary Profile Card to give a matching feel to donors.

Where Else Your Photos Can Appear

Your photos appear primarily on your missionary profile.

When you upload a photo, you are also saying you are okay with us using your missionary photo to represent you as a Reliant missionary in similar situations. For example, your photo could be selected to 

  • Be re-printed on a financial partner newsletter
  • Placed in a section of the website for those thinking about going into fulltime ministry

We won't ever share your photo outside the organization with anybody, or allow it to be used in a manner that's inconsistent with representing you as a missionary.


Biographical Information

Missional Role or Title

  • Appears below your photo
  • Very short: 2-8 words on your title, role
  • Use the most "MTD friendly" description, not necessarily an official job title (not "Staff Level 2")
  • For most cases you'll capitalize each word as if it's a title.
  • e.g. "Campus Missionary" "Pastor"  "Associate Pastor in Missional Church" "Church Planting Pastor with Evangelism Focus" "Missionary to the Japanese People" "Minister, Gospel-Teller, Apostle, Bible-Believer"
  • Couples can be creative with this space. Some may choose to list collectively e.g. "Campus Missionaries, "Missionary Family" or specifically separately "Campus Minister & Women's Minister" like a caption. 


About My Ministry

2-3 short paragraphs about your ministry: the need, the answer to the need, your role and heart.

  • Describe your vision and ministry role for financial & prayer partners. 
  • Two paragraphs is ideal because it looks nice. Aim for 2-4 sentences each, or 4 to 8 sentences total.
  • Did you have a profile on the GCM website? This is nearly double the space, so feel free to use it.
  • Tips:
    • Give a summary of what you do.
    • Include key titles (e.g. “Director of Worship & Outreach.”). Add concrete responsibilities or specialties (“small group coaching” or “evangelism specialist”).
    • Mention the mission field or need and include the gospel (“40,000 student mission field who need to hear the good news of Christ”).
    • Describe your heart or vision "Jason desires that every person in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago would know the love of Jesus Christ"
    • Spouse in ministry can include another paragraph to describe what the other does.
    • Write in the third person.  (Jason does... he likes to...  not  "I do, I like to...)
  • Avoid:
    • Local church jargon that might be hard to understand for a wider Christian audience (e.g. “canvas group”)
    • Listing everything you do; choose key responsibilities.
    • Uncommon abbreviations.

The Warrens—Rob, Lisa (and Lily)—are a family who seek to mobilize God's people to join in his redemptive work in the world. Their passion is young people; knowing that if we reach young people with the gospel of Jesus, we will reach the world!

The Warrens are with H2O because they feel that college years are some of the most influential and formational years in a person's life and a key time to discover the truth about Jesus. They believe that collegiate church planting is the most strategic place to be in the effort to advance the gospel of Jesus in our world.


Missional Location and Address

  Format Example Where it Comes From Description
Missional Location 1-5 words University of Michigan

The default comes from your local church or ministry in our database.

Flexible description of mission field as described for financial and prayer partners. This is often university, community, urban center, institution, people group. It is not your church or ministry name—this should appear as a partner card lower on your profile.


  • University name  e.g University of Illinois
  • City metro area  e.g. Greater Chicago Area
  • Region  e.g.  Midwest Regional Coach
  • Non-political geographic area:  e.g. Upper Nile Basin

Tip: While this works well for campus ministers and metro areas, not everyone has a clear separate Missional Location. Leave it blank to make it disappear.

Missional Address City, ST Ann Arbor, MI

Your local church or ministry address in our database.

This uses the address of the church or ministry you work with.

It does not use a personal address.

Select "My Missional Address is Outside the United States" if your missional address is international.


Your missional location and address can be overridden for individual missionaries as needed.

You can always check "Revert to default Missional Address and Location" to revert your changes to the information from your local church or ministry.

Links to Social Media and Websites

You can add links to many popular sites that you use to keep financial and prayer partners updated.  

For example:

  • Link to a website or blog where you use to introduce yourself to partners.
  • Link to a blog or mailchimp form where you post ministry updates.
  • Link to your Facebook or Twitter profile
  • Link to a private Facebook group where you post ministry updates & prayer requests
  • Link to your bio on your local church site

We provide logos for many other popular sites like Instagram, etc.

You do not need to add a link to your local church or ministry. This should appear in the main part of your profile already as a "Partner Card"

See Also  Online and Social Media Policy for helpful set of guidelines on living our ministry life and identity on social media.



More Tips and Questions

Match Your Web Profile and Missionary Profile Card

The missionary profile card (ordered on the CopyCat website) is designed to point new financial partners to your web profile. We think using the same (or similar) photos in both places will help financial partners instantly recognize you.


What You Can't Change

Fund Number

The fund number for the ministry account appears on your profile. It can't be changed.  Except for rare circumstances, families share a ministry fund number even if they work distinct roles.

Question or problem? Contact Missionary Resources.

Local Church or Ministry Cards—Logo and Description

Every missionary or ministry web profile shows the churches or ministries that you are affiliated with.  Reliant now calls these "church partners" or "ministry partners."

The church or ministry information stored under your church's record for all missionaries who are associated with your church or ministry.  Changing it for one person changes it for everyone.


Leader? To submit your description or an edit, read instructions here.



During the website preview, your church or ministry description may not be filled in or may need to be corrected. Contact the leader who is responsible for that at your location and send them these instructions.



Other Frequently Asked Questions

What size photos should I use?

Use the largest or highest quality photo you have for each one. Our web software will automatically size it correctly for a large screen or a phone.

  Minimum Ideal
Profile Photo 600 pixels wide 1000 pixels wide or more
Cover Photo 2000 pixels wide 3500 pixels wide or more

Current iPhones take photos that are 4000+ pixels wide.

How do I get the printed Missionary Profile Card?

You order them separately on our new  CopyCat print-to-order site . You'll have to upload your photos separately there (sorry)—it's a completely different system.

We suggest uploading the same photos in both places to make your printed profile card resemble your web profile.


Having trouble with a photo or profile?


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