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This space is where we post technical help for using Reliant websites or software for our field missionaries 

What We Can Help With

We want to make sure things are working for you! When it comes to your Staffnet, your Reliant.org account, we provide some answers here.

Please also feel free to drop us a line about

  • I can't sign in
  • I found a bug or error on a website
What We Can't Help With

As much as we would like to, there are some things we can't help our missionaries with directly. The Reliant tech team is devoted full-time to working on the things that help all missionaries at once—the servers that run our websites, database programming, credit card security, or make sure staffnet can display giving information.

We usually can't help with:

  • Configuring your PC or Mac or installing new software
  • Using Word or Excel


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