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Welcome to Reliant!!

We are excited that you have chosen to join with us in your ministry role.  Reliant partners with missional churches and Gospel-centered nonprofits to mobilize support-based field staff for the Great Commission. We trust that your employment with us will enhance and strengthen your local ministry.  

We are a mission agency. We serve as a hub between the local churches, field staff, and generous donors who support the work. Our first allegiance is to the local church or ministry. This is why we exist. 

Mission and Values

  • Reliant is a deacon ministry, providing a service-oriented and character-driven foundation for mission. 
  • Reliant advances God's kingdom by empowering field staff.
  • Reliant is locally oriented, coming under the mission of church and ministry leaders "on the ground."
  • Reliant is committed to the highest standards in financial integrity and professional excellence.
  • Reliant is invested in the biblical, field staff-support model for giving.
  • Reliant is church-minded, honoring, and coming under the Body of Christ. 
  • Reliant is broadly evangelical, partnering with those committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the mission to make disciples to the ends of the earth.