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Below are common expenses Reliant missionaries incur as a result of travelling to the annual Collegiate Conference.

Please feel free to use the below table when completing your forms for reimbursement. 

For this year's collegiate conference the children will be taxable. There have been years when children were not taxable when there was a specific children's ministry program happening within the conference. There is not a program for children this year so therefore any expenses will be taxable if you choose to bring them.

Typical Expense:Is it Reimbursable?Not Reimbursable:Example Ministry Purpose:
Conference payment

Yes, this is reimbursable for Reliant Missionaries and Associates. The conference payment would be Taxable for spouses not associated with Reliant. Please be sure to include your registration receipt. You should have received an email after registering for this event with a receipt for the event payment. If you did not, you can access that receipt on events.reliant.org under your registration information.

If you've completed an internal transfer to cover the cost of your conference payment, then you wouldn't need to submit for reimbursement. The transfer already came directly out of the MTD account, and you didn't pay anything out of pocket."Conference payment to attend Collegiate's annual staff conference, which is required for my role."
Meals, snacks, or groceries purchased to eat during the week of the conference

Yes, meals for Reliant Missionaries and Associate spouses who are participating fully in the conference are reimbursable. Spouses not participating in the conference, and any children meals, would have their meals reimbursed taxably.

Groceries purchased for a non-Reliant spouse and any children would be Taxable. It might be helpful to calculate a per person price if a portion of the groceries are eaten by the spouse associated with Reliant (their food would be non-taxable).

"Bought groceries for myself and family members (includes 2 kids) to eat during the week of the Conference. Kids portion is listed in Taxable section, with a per person price."
Snacks or meals "after conference hours" while meeting with other Reliant StaffYes, ok to reimburse in Meals.

"Snack meal out during out of town conference."

(Since this is out of town, we don't particularly need as many specifics like we normally require for meals. i.e. details on discipleship time, fellowship, etc)

Off-site lodging, for those not staying at the Collegiate requested conference center due to bringing their families with children

Off-site lodging will be reimbursable, but on a taxable basis. A receipt is required on your reimbursement form.

Reliant missionary food is non-taxable. Non-Reliant spouse and children food is taxable.

"Off-site lodging needed for my spouse and children, as there is no lodging for children at conference center (site of Collegiate Staff Conference)"

Group Event during the conference (ex. Annual Collegiate Invitational Golf Tournament)

Yes, ok to reimburse in Meals section. That is where we list recreation expenses. We can only reimburse up to $30 per missionary, as that is the Reliant recreation limit.

It would also be ok to reimburse another type of recreation expense (bowling, etc), within the $30 recreation limit.

Kids recreation expenses would be Taxable. Spouse recreation expenses for those not associated with Reliant would be Taxable.

"Payment for Annual Collegiate Golf Tournament. I played with a team of other Reliant missionaries, as a team building activity."

Transportation from the airport to the hotel (taxi, rental car and fuel, etc.)

Yes, transportation from the airport to the conference center would be reimbursable in the Travel section.

Expenses like a taxi or shuttle service for transportation, can be reimbursed.

Also, rental cars and associated fuel expenses for the rental car can be reimbursed. Note - a receipt is required for a car rental with your reimbursement request.

"Rental car expense. I rented a car to use for transportation during the week of the Collegiate Staff Conference, along with transportation to and from the Detroit airport."
Mileage from your home to the conference, if you are driving your own personal vehicleYes, mileage would be reimbursable if the mileage is over 100 miles one-way from your home.Not reimbursable if your mileage is less than 100 miles one-way."Traveled a total of 426 miles round trip from my home in Columbus, OH to the Conference Center in Michigan, for the Collegiate Staff Conference."
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